AVS MCT Series Provides A Constant And Reliable Power Supply

    The AVS MCT series achieved the most precise voltage monitoring and output control by utilising microprocessors with at least three double winding transformers arranged in a cascaded manner with the secondary windings. As a result, each transformer is commanded to feed the specific voltage amount needed by each power line through switching operations (subtracting or adding voltage) on the primary windings of the transformer.

    The AVS MCT Series Is Suitable For


    Data Centers

    Centralized facility used by organizations to house and manage their critical IT infrastructure, including servers, networking equipment, and storage systems.

    Industrial Application

    Technologies, processes, and equipment within production, and various industries to create goods, perform tasks, and achieve operational objectives efficiently and effectively.

    Medical Support

    Encompasses a range of services and assistance provided to patients, healthcare professionals, and medical institutions to ensure effective patient care, disease management, and operational efficiency within the healthcare system.

    Microprocessor Controlled Multi-cascading Transformer