Power Protection On Budgetary Expenses

    A comprehensive power protection solution for expeditious AVS or UPS maintenance and critical power exigencies. Neuropower Malaysia’s new rollout guarantees you with the best product quality and services in this rental programme. Our AVS or UPS rental programme is an ideal alternative to balance out power protection needs and on hand budgetary expenses.


    Benefits Of Power Rental Programme

    What Our Rental Program Includes


    Trusted & Reliable Partner

    What are the upfront payments required if I were to rent a UPS?

    No upfront payment is needed, once the rental agreement is signed and the rental fees for the 1st month is cleared, your rental journey with us begins!

    Will there be any hidden fees?

    No hidden fees will be found in our rental program! All necessary charges will be pre-informed to customers prior to the agreement. We do not charge for anything else except for the intended monthly rental fees throughout the agreed tenure.

    What do you mean by no upgrade cost?

    Neuropower will deploy the latest equivalent UPS to site should the current model tenured becomes obsolete. Therefore, no additional cost for upgrading or replacing an old obsolete UPS to a new equivalent rating unit.

    How do I know if the model rented is obsolete or not?

    Customers may check our website in the products section, if you still see your model on the website it means it is not obsolete as obsolete models will be removed from the website immediately. Neuropower will also announce to customers with a letter of obsoletion for any models that are obsolete.

    What are the aspects covered in Corrective Maintenance Package (CMP)?

    If the unit is found faulty due to manufacturing defect, Neuropower Malaysia will be responsible to replace and repair the unit during the tenured period.

    How do I know if the UPS and accessories rented are in a good condition?

    Each of our units are tested and refurbished before the actual delivery and installation date.

    What is the minimum rental period?

    Typically we offer 2 years, 3 years and 5 years tenure period. However, if your choice of tenure period does not fall within these 3 categories, we can customize the costing and solution specially for you!

    What model is entitled for the rental program?

    All of our models from the automatic voltage stabilizers (AVS), line interactive UPS and online UPS are entitled for this program! Just contact us to know which of our models suits you best!

    What is the resolution and response time for the rental program?

    Call, email and whatsapp within 60 minutes during and after regular office hours (Monday - Friday | 9AM - 6PM) including Public Holidays for first level remote diagnosis.

    What is the lead time for the requested rental units?

    Once the initial rental payment and agreement is cleared, if there are ex-stocks available, the lead time will be within 5 business working days (West Malaysia only). Otherwise, 6-8 weeks if any customization is applicable.

    What flexibility can be provided even after the rental agreement is signed?

    We are able to offer power capacity expansion or an increase in back up time if our customer needs it. However, all special requests are subjected to availability and additional charges.

    What is the total down payment value that is needed to kickstart this rental program?

    You see this right - No down payment or deposit is needed!

    What are the consequences if the monthly rental is not paid timely?

    Neuropower Malaysia reserves the right to terminate the contract, impose penalty and retrieve all the units rented while complying to local Malaysian laws.

    What other services or maintenance contracts do I need to subscribe to maintain the AVS or UPS rented?

    Absolutely nothing! Neuropower Malaysia will check and provide routine maintenance towards all the rented units twice a year without any additional charges.

    Who should I contact if there is a faulty unit? How soon can it be fixed?

    You may refer to the service level agreement and our team will respond to the site within 24 hours (West Malaysia only) to diagnose and repair the faulty unit should the fault cannot be rectified remotely.

    How often are the batteries changed?

    All the batteries will be replaced every five years or at the end of the battery life cycle when necessary.

    What are the consequences if the UPS is damaged?

    Neuropower Malaysia will replace or repair the UPS at no cost during the tenure period should the cause of UPS damage is not due to mismanagement, misuse and abuse or act of God. The event log files are recorded in the UPS system and will be checked for analysis usage.

    If there are other parts to be replaced due to wear and tear, will it incur additional charges?

    There will be zero cost of wear and tear item replacement, our service team will be there to diagnose and propose appropriate replacement whenever it's needed.

    Will I be able to own the units after rental?

    Yes, Neuropower Malaysia’s rental program provides the utmost flexibility where we also provide the convenience and flexibility of rent-to-own.

    What are the special requests that this rental program can accommodate?

    Aside from the common rent-to-use or rent-to-own, our customers can also request for extra services such as: factory acceptance test (FAT), site acceptance test (SAT), capacity expansion, relocation or replacement of a specific model and etc. However, all these requests must be pre-informed towards our salesperson or partners upon first contact.