A Sustainable And Cost-Effective Way For Businesses

    The Neuropower Trade-in UPS Program is a sustainable and cost-effective way for businesses and individuals to upgrade their existing UPS units. This program allows customers to trade in any old or used UPS of any manufacturer and receive a discount of up to 25% on the purchase of best selling Neuropower UPS (Cronus Pro Series and Compact Touch Series). The program also provides customers with a hassle-free way to get rid of their old or used UPS unit and replace it with a new one.


    Benefits Of Trade In Program


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    What is Neuropower Malaysia's trade-in program?

    Neuropower Malaysia's trade-in program allows customers to exchange their old or existing power equipment for upgraded Neuropower solutions, making it easier to access advanced technology while optimizing their power infrastructure.

    Which products are eligible for trade-in under Neuropower Malaysia's program?

    The trade-in program generally covers a range of power products, including UPS systems and voltage stabilizers. Please check with Neuropower Malaysia's representatives for specific eligible products.

    How does the trade-in process work?

    The trade-in process involves evaluating the condition and specifications of your existing equipment. Neuropower Malaysia's experts will assess the value of your trade-in and offer credit toward the purchase of new Neuropower solutions.

    What are the benefits of participating in Neuropower Malaysia's trade-in program?

    Participating in the trade-in program allows you to upgrade to the latest, more efficient, and reliable power solutions. It helps you save on costs while ensuring your power infrastructure remains up-to-date.

    How can I get started with Neuropower Malaysia's trade-in program?

    To begin the trade-in process, contact Neuropower Malaysia's trade-in team. They will guide you through the evaluation, offer, and upgrading process, making it seamless to transition to new and improved power solutions.

    Does Neuropower Malaysia have any restrictions on the age of equipment eligible for trade-in?

    Yes, equipment that is more than 10 years old may not be eligible for the trade-in program. Neuropower Malaysia focuses on offering upgraded solutions with the latest technology and performance.

    Does Neuropower Malaysia provide disposal services for old equipment that doesn't qualify for trade-in?

    Neuropower Malaysia does not provide disposal services for equipment that doesn't qualify for trade-in. Customers are responsible for arranging the proper disposal of non-eligible items.

    Is the acceptance of trade-in items solely dependent on their weight, or are there other factors considered?

    While the weight of the trade-in item is a consideration, Neuropower Malaysia also evaluates the overall condition, functionality, and specifications of the equipment to determine trade-in eligibility.

    Are there any limitations on the type of equipment that can be traded in?

    The trade-in program generally applies to specific power-related equipment like UPS systems and voltage stabilizers. However, the eligibility of other types of equipment may vary. Please check with Neuropower Malaysia for clarification.

    Can I combine multiple trade-in items to meet the rating requirement for trade-in eligibility?

    Yes, in some cases, customers can combine multiple trade-in items to meet the rating requirement for trade-in eligibility. This can provide an opportunity to upgrade while optimizing old equipment.

    Are there additional benefits for returning customers who trade in a Neuropower Model for an upgrade?

    Yes, returning customers who trade in a Neuropower Model may receive enhanced trade-in value, reflecting Neuropower Malaysia's appreciation for their continued support and commitment to upgrading their power solutions.

    How does trading in a power product from another brand's model benefit my next purchase from Neuropower Malaysia?

    Trading in another brand's power product can qualify you for a discount on your next or immediate purchase of Neuropower's products. This incentive encourages customers to transition to Neuropower's advanced solutions while enjoying cost savings.