PowerMaster Cloud System Provides 24/7 UPS Monitoring And Real-Time Status Alarm To Users

    PowerMaster Cloud System is a cloud-based system that adopts the client-server architecture, allowing users to remotely access the system through a web browser on a computer or an app on a smart device. It consists of UPS and PowerMaster Cloud software or Cloud management card for collecting detailed information on every UPS and sending them to the PowerMaster Cloud server.

    PowerMaster Cloud System provides 24/7 UPS monitoring and real-time status alarm to users by email and app notifications. Users can manage multiple UPS with one user account. For long-term UPS status analysis, PowerMaster Cloud saves historical records for tracing logs and drawing historical trends.

    PowerMaster Cloud Software Is Suitable For Collecting Detailed Information On Every UPS Used In


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    The PowerMaster Cloud Software, Your Monitoring Solution For UPS Systems Anywhere And Anytime