The Automatic Transfer Switch Guarantees An Uninterrupted Power Supply With Potentially No Downtime

    Improve the functionality of IT operations through the use of Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS). It monitors and ensures power continuity to the connected device by using its dual power sources taken from two different power outlets. One is a primary source while another is a secondary power source or redundant. Once it detects a failure from the primary power source, the ATS will automatically connect the connected device to the secondary power source seamlessly within just a few milliseconds.

    This guarantees an uninterrupted power supply with potentially no downtime. Furthermore, it saves manpower, provides safety and improves overall operations for any organization. Designed in a compact size, this ATS is perfect for the common 19’’ server rack used in various industries, therefore, eases installation.

    The ATS comes in two models with a rated output current of 16A and 30A. Both come with a reasonable amount of output outlets and is capable of supporting devices with an input voltage of 220/230/240 VAC. Users can even monitor and do their power planning easily as the ATS can be monitored remotely through its communication ports.

    The Automatic Transfer Switch Provides Safety And Improves Overall Operations For


    IT Systems

    Interconnected hardware, software, networks, and data that work together to support various information technology functions, within an organization or context.

    Data Center

    Centralized facility used by organizations to house and manage their critical IT infrastructure, including servers, networking equipment, and storage systems.

    Commercial Use

    Utilization of goods, services, or resources for business or profit-oriented purposes, as opposed to personal or non-profit applications.

    The Automatic Transfer Switch Saves Manpower, Provides Redundancy And Improves Overall Operations For Any Organization