Outdoor Series Provides Clean And Continuous Power In The Outdoor Rugged Environment

    Neuropower’s Outdoor UPS provides clean and continuous power to critical loads in a rugged environment. Using carefully selected components, the Outdoor UPS is designed to function and support critical loads under temperatures normal UPS is incapable of; regardless of hot or cold.

    Furthermore, the Outdoor UPS comes with extra protection against moisture and dust to complement its carefully selected components. It is also equipped with an intelligent slot for remote monitoring of UPS status via SNMP or dry contact. The remote monitoring feature is topped with a battery temperature sensor connector for battery temperature monitoring.

    Outdoor Series Ups Is A Suitable Choice For Devices In Rugged Environment Such As


    Solar PV Systems

    Enabling the conversion of sunlight into usable energy through photovoltaic cells, which generates an electrical current that can be used to power appliances, homes, and businesses.

    City Lightings

    Artificial illumination produced by various sources, such as streetlights, buildings, and other urban infrastructure, that collectively create the illuminated appearance of a city during nighttime hours.

    Outdoor CCTV Systems

    Providing the necessary power to operate cameras, recording equipment, and other components, enabling continuous surveillance, recording, and monitoring of a designated area.

    Outdoor Series UPS, The Suitable Choice To Support Devices Placed In The Outdoor's Rugged Environment

    Models Specifications

    Outdoor 2000

    Model Outdoor 2000
    Capacity / Rating (VA) 2000
    Input Voltage Nominal (VAC) 230
    Output Voltage Nominal (VAC) 230
    Output Outlets Terminal
    Physical (Dimension and Weight) 400W x 240D x 133H mm 12.50KG
    Design Standards CE