AVS 3UK Automatic Voltage Stabilizer Is The Basic Yet Sufficient Solution

    Maintaining stable and reliable power supply to your valuable electronics. With its advanced features and robust design, this voltage stabilizer ensures that your devices are protected from voltage fluctuations and power surges.

    Choose the AVS 3UK Automatic Voltage Stabilizer for stable power protection, ensuring the longevity and optimal performance of your electronic devices. Experience peace of mind with a reliable power solution that safeguards against voltage fluctuations and delivers stable power at all times.

    Choose The AVS 3UK Automatic Voltage Stabilizer For


    Gaming Consoles

    Provide immersive gaming experiences through connections to televisions or monitors, along with support for controllers and online multiplayer functionality.


    For professionals who operate from a small office space or their homes, typically engaging in various entrepreneurial or freelance activities on a smaller scale than larger corporations or enterprises.

    Digital Appliances

    Electronic devices or gadgets that integrate digital technology and functionality to perform specific tasks or provide various services, often found in households.

    Automatic Voltage Stabilizer

    Models Specifications

    AVS 1000 3UK

    Model AVS 1000 3UK
    Capacity / Rating (VA) 1000
    Input Voltage Nominal (VAC) 230
    Output Voltage Nominal (VAC) 230
    Physical (Dimension and Weight) 95W x 180D x 117H mm 1.5KG
    Design Standards CE