What is power protection, and why do I need it?

    Power protection ensures your devices and operations stay safe during power fluctuations or outages, preventing data loss and hardware damage.

    What is the main difference between an AVS and a UPS?

    An AVS stabilizes voltage, while an UPS offers both voltage stabilization and battery backup power (in layman’s term, extra back up time!) during outages.

    Can a UPS protect my home entertainment system during a blackout?

    Yes! A UPS can keep your TV, gaming console, and router running during a power outage, so you don't miss out on your entertainment.

    How long can a UPS provide backup power to my critical equipment during an outage?

    The backup time depends on the UPS model and battery system as well as your equipment's power consumption. Our team can help you find the right fit.

    Are Neuropower's power protection solutions eco-friendly?

    Yes! Our solutions focus on energy efficiency, reducing energy waste, and minimizing environmental impact.

    Can I remotely monitor my UPS system while I'm away from the office?

    Absolutely! Our UPS solutions can offer remote monitoring, allowing you to check the status and receive alerts via a user-friendly interface.

    Can Neuropower's UPS systems scale up as my business grows?

    Yes, our UPS with parallel features or our modular UPS systems can expand their capacity to meet your increasing power demands as your business expands.

    Are Neuropower's power protection solutions suitable for medical facilities?

    Yes, our solutions are ideal for medical environments, ensuring continuous power to critical equipment and patient safety.

    Can NAS synology be shutdown automatically by Neuropower’s UPS system?

    Yes! However, NAS synology can only be used alongside with our line interactive UPS - City USB Series.

    What type of batteries are used in Neuropower UPS systems?

    Neuropower UPS systems employ high-quality sealed lead-acid (SLA) batteries or lithium-ion batteries, depending on the model and application.

    What is the voltage range supported by Neuropower's Automatic Voltage Stabilizers (AVS)?

    Our AVS products typically support a wide input voltage ranges to provide reliable stabilized output voltage within the desired specifications.

    What is the output voltage accuracy of Neuropower's AVS devices?

    Our AVS devices offer high output voltage accuracy, maintaining stability up to within ±2% to ± 10% volts of the desired output voltage depending on product model.

    What is the response time of Neuropower's AVS systems to voltage fluctuations?

    The response time of our AVS systems is typically 2 milliseconds for relay type AVS and 1 to 2 seconds for servo motor type AVS, ensuring quick and seamless voltage regulation for your equipment.

    What are the load capacities available for Neuropower's Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS)?

    Our UPS products come in various load capacities, ranging from 800VA to 10KVA for single phase and 10KVA to 1.2MVA for three phase, suitable for different applications and power requirements.

    What is the efficiency rating of Neuropower's UPS systems?

    Our UPS systems are designed for high efficiency, with ratings of up to 100% namely power factor of 1, reducing energy consumption and operating costs.

    How does Neuropower's UPS handle crest factor requirements?

    Our UPS systems are engineered to handle high crest factors (3:1), ensuring seamless performance even during sudden load spikes.

    What is the typical backup time provided by Neuropower's UPS during a power outage?

    The backup time of our UPS products depends on the load and battery capacity. UPS comes with internal battery system offers a standard back up time of 5 to 10 minutes for full load; and up to 15 minutes for half load.

    Can Neuropower's UPS be integrated into existing IT infrastructures easily?

    Yes, our UPS systems are designed for easy integration into various IT setups, minimizing disruptions during installation and implementation.

    What type of batteries are used in Neuropower's UPS systems, and what is their expected lifespan?

    Our UPS systems use sealed lead acid (SLA) battery with lifespan up to 12 years and lithium iron phosphate (Lithium ion) battery with lifespan up to 20 years respectively, ensuring reliable performance over an extended period.

    What is the harmonic distortion level of Neuropower UPS systems?

    Neuropower UPS systems are designed to provide low harmonic distortion levels, typically less than 5%, ensuring clean and stable power output.

    Why should consumers choose Neuropower Malaysia's modular data center over traditional data centers for their businesses?

    Unlike traditional data centers which involves multiple professional parties and high construction cost making it expensive and complicated. Neuropower Malaysia's modular data center offers rapid deployment, improved scalability, energy efficiency, reduced operational expenses, and seamless integration with existing infrastructure, making it a compelling choice for businesses seeking future-proof solutions.

    What kind of MDC solution does Neuropower Malaysia offers? How will I know which is most suitable for me?

    Neuropower Malaysia offers mainly three (3) kinds of MDC solutions, the Flexiblock series, FlexiRow series and FlexiAisle series, each solution can be customized and scaled according to your needs. To find out which is most suitable for your operations, just reach out to us at (1300-88-6772) / whatsapp us at (012-7846796) / email us at enquiry@neuropower.com.my for us to assist you further!

    What components are included in Neuropower Malaysia's modular data center?

    Neuropower Malaysia's modular data center comprises equipment racks, precision cooling units, intelligent power distribution, fire suppression systems, and advanced security and smart features depending on your requirements.

    What is the maximum IT load capacity of Neuropower Malaysia's modular data center?

    Neuropower Malaysia's modular data centers can support IT loads up to 10KW per rack, offering flexibility for diverse business needs.

    Can Neuropower Malaysia's modular data center be deployed in challenging environments?

    For challenging environment such as the outdoors, Neuropower Malaysia's offer prefabricated modular data center solutions deployed in containers for easy transportation and deployment while keeping the data canter facility safe from the harsh environmental conditions.

    How does Neuropower Malaysia ensure the security of their modular data center solution?

    Neuropower Malaysia integrates advanced physical security measures, access controls, and robust encryption technologies to safeguard data and critical infrastructure which is in comply with ISO standards.

    Can I integrate Neuropower Malaysia's modular data center with my existing data center infrastructure?

    If the existing data center infrastructure is already modular data center technology, Neuropower Malaysia's modular data center is designed to immaculately integrate with your existing infrastructure, simplifying the process of expansion or upgrade. However, if your the data center equipment racks are the traditional not enclosed type, the integration cannot be done as the existing racks cannot provide an enclosed environment for cooling.

    What certifications does Neuropower Malaysia's modular data center comply with?

    Neuropower Malaysia's modular data centers adhere to industry standards and certifications, ensuring quality, safety, and compliance with relevant regulations.

    Can Neuropower Malaysia's modular data center be customized to suit specific business requirements?

    Yes, Neuropower Malaysia offers tailored solutions to meet unique business needs, allowing for customization of their modular data center offerings. Check out our Flexi Series to understand better!

    Does Neuropower Malaysia provide comprehensive support and maintenance services for their modular data centers?

    Yes, Neuropower Malaysia offers on-site support and maintenance services, ensuring the reliable operation and longevity of their modular data center solutions.

    What industries can benefit from Neuropower Malaysia's modular data center solution?

    Neuropower Malaysia's modular data center solutions cater to diverse industries, including telecommunications, finance, healthcare, education, and government sectors, among others.

    Is Neuropower Malaysia's modular data center solution compliant with data privacy and security regulations?

    Yes, Neuropower Malaysia's modular data center solution adheres to strict data privacy and security regulations, ensuring your sensitive information remains protected.

    What is the expected lifespan of Neuropower Malaysia's modular data center, and can it accommodate future technology upgrades?

    Neuropower Malaysia's modular data center is designed for long-term use, and its flexible architecture allows for smooth integration of future technology upgrades.

    Does Neuropower Malaysia offer professional consulting services to help businesses select the most suitable modular data center solution?

    Yes, Neuropower Malaysia provides expert consulting services to assess your business needs and recommend the optimal modular data center solution for your specific requirements.

    What kind of disaster recovery and redundancy features does Neuropower Malaysia's modular data center offer?

    Neuropower Malaysia's modular data center includes advanced disaster recovery and redundancy features to ensure business continuity and minimize downtime.

    Can Neuropower Malaysia's modular data center solution be relocated to different sites if required?

    Yes, Neuropower Malaysia's modular data center is designed for easy relocation, making it a versatile and cost-effective solution for changing business locations.

    Can you elaborate on the scalability aspect of Neuropower Malaysia's modular data center and how it leads to cost savings?

    Neuropower Malaysia's modular data centers allow businesses to scale their IT infrastructure incrementally as needed, minimizing upfront investment and enabling cost-effective growth.

    How does Neuropower Malaysia's modular data center optimize space usage and potentially lead to real estate cost savings?

    Neuropower Malaysia's compact and containerized modular data centers occupy less physical space, allowing businesses to optimize real estate usage and potentially reduce associated costs.

    What efficiency features does Neuropower Malaysia's modular data center possess, and how do they contribute to improved overall efficiency?

    Neuropower Malaysia's modular data center incorporates intelligent management software, high-efficiency components, and advanced cooling techniques, all of which enhance operational efficiency, leading to cost savings by maintaining a PUE between 1.2 to 1.5.

    How does Neuropower Malaysia's modular data center address environmental concerns and contribute to sustainability?

    Neuropower Malaysia's modular data center is designed with a focus on energy efficiency, optimized cooling technologies, and environmentally friendly materials. By minimizing energy consumption and reducing carbon footprint, it aligns with sustainability goals, making it an eco-conscious choice for businesses committed to environmental responsibility.

    Does Neuropower Malaysia offer rental solutions for power products?

    Yes, Neuropower Malaysia provides rental options for all of our power products, allowing customers to access temporary power solutions for short-term needs.

    What is the Easy Payment Scheme provided by Neuropower Malaysia?

    The Easy Payment Scheme offers customers the convenience of acquiring power products with flexible installment plans, making it easier to manage budgets and cash flow.

    Can I proactively maintain my power products with Neuropower Malaysia's maintenance packages?

    Absolutely! Neuropower Malaysia offers proactive maintenance packages that include scheduled inspections and preventive measures to ensure optimal performance and reduce downtime.

    What does the Comprehensive Maintenance Package entail?

    The Comprehensive Maintenance Package from Neuropower Malaysia is a tailored solution that covers all aspects of maintenance, including regular inspections, repairs, and replacements, to meet specific power infrastructure requirements.

    What is the purpose of the product ‘Factory Acceptance Test’ conducted by Neuropower Malaysia?

    The Product Factory Acceptance Test upon request ensures that power product and solution purchased meets stringent quality and performance standards before delivery, ensuring reliability and customer satisfaction.

    Does Neuropower Malaysia conduct a ‘Site Acceptance Test’ upon installation of power products?

    Yes, Neuropower Malaysia performs a thorough Site Acceptance Test after installation upon request to verify that power products function optimally in their intended environment.

    Does Neuropower Malaysia offer technical training for customers or technical professionals to operate and maintain their power products effectively?

    Yes, Neuropower Malaysia provides level 1 technical training according to the user manual upon request to empower customers or technical professionals with the knowledge and skills required to operate and maintain their power products efficiently.

    Can Neuropower Malaysia assist in designing and implementing power and data solutions for complex tenders or large-scale projects?

    Absolutely! Neuropower Malaysia's team of experts can design and deploy power and data solutions tailored to suit the requirements of complex tenders and large-scale projects, ensuring reliable and scalable power infrastructure. Just reach out to us via whatsapp at 012-7846796 or email us at enquiry@neuropower.com.my to find out more.

    What are the upfront payments required if I were to rent a UPS?

    No upfront payment is needed, once the rental agreement is signed and the rental fees for the 1st month is cleared, your rental journey with us begins!

    Will there be any hidden fees?

    No hidden fees will be found in our rental programme! All necessary charges will be pre-informed to customers prior to the agreement. We do not charge for anything else except for the intended monthly rental fees throughout the agreed tenure.

    What do you mean by no upgrade cost?

    Neuropower will deploy the latest equivalent UPS to site should the current model tenured becomes obsolete. Therefore, no additional cost for upgrading or replacing an old obsolete UPS to a new equivalent rating unit.

    How do I know if the model rented is obsolete or not?

    Customers may check our website in the products section, if you still see your model on the website it means it is not obsolete as obsolete models will be removed from the website immediately. Neuropower will also announce to customers with a letter of obsoletion for any models that are obsolete.

    What are the aspects covered in Corrective Maintenance Package (CMP)?

    If the unit is found faulty due to manufacturing defect, Neuropower Malaysia will be responsible to replace and repair the unit during the tenured period.

    How do I know if the UPS and accessories rented are in a good condition?

    Each of our units are tested and refurbished before the actual delivery and installation date.

    What is the minimum rental period?

    Typically we offer 2 years, 3 years and 5 years tenure period. However, if your choice of tenure period does not fall within these 3 categories, we can customize the costing and solution specially for you!

    What model is entitled for the rental programme?

    All of our models from the automatic voltage stabilizers (AVS), line interactive UPS and online UPS are entitled for this programme! Just contact us to know which of our models suits you best!

    What is the resolution and response time for the rental programme?

    Call, email and whatsapp within 60 minutes during and after regular office hours (Monday - Friday | 9AM - 6PM) including Public Holidays for first level remote diagnosis.

    What is the lead time for the requested rental units?

    Once the initial rental payment and agreement is cleared, if there are ex-stocks available, the lead time will be within 5 business working days (West Malaysia only). Otherwise, 6-8 weeks if any customization is applicable.

    What flexibility can be provided even after the rental agreement is signed?

    We are able to offer power capacity expansion or an increase in back up time if our customer needs it. However, all special requests are subjected to availability and additional charges.

    What is the total down payment value that is needed to kickstart this rental programme?

    You see this right - No down payment or deposit is needed!

    What are the consequences if the monthly rental is not paid timely?

    Neuropower Malaysia reserves the right to terminate the contract, impose penalty and retrieve all the units rented while complying to local Malaysian laws.

    What other services or maintenance contracts do I need to subscribe to maintain the AVS or UPS rented?

    Absolutely nothing! Neuropower Malaysia will check and provide routine maintenance towards all the rented units twice a year without any additional charges.

    Who should I contact if there is a faulty unit? How soon can it be fixed?

    You may refer to the service level agreement and our team will respond to the site within 24 hours (West Malaysia only) to diagnose and repair the faulty unit should the fault cannot be rectified remotely.

    How often are the batteries changed?

    All the batteries will be replaced every five years or at the end of the battery life cycle when necessary.

    What are the consequences if the UPS is damaged?

    Neuropower Malaysia will replace or repair the UPS at no cost during the tenure period should the cause of UPS damage is not due to mismanagement, misuse and abuse or act of God. The event log files are recorded in the UPS system and will be checked for analysis usage.

    If there are other parts to be replaced due to wear and tear, will it incur additional charges?

    There will be zero cost of wear and tear item replacement, our service team will be there to diagnose and propose appropriate replacement whenever it's needed.

    Will I be able to own the units after rental?

    Yes, Neuropower Malaysia’s rental programme provides the utmost flexibility where we also provide the convenience and flexibility of rent-to-own.

    What are the special requests that this rental programme can accommodate?

    Aside from the common rent-to-use or rent-to-own, our customers can also request for extra services such as: factory acceptance test (FAT), site acceptance test (SAT), capacity expansion, relocation or replacement of a specific model and etc. However, all these requests must be pre-informed towards our salesperson or partners upon first contact.

    What is Neuropower Malaysia's trade-in program?

    Neuropower Malaysia's trade-in program allows customers to exchange their old or existing power equipment for upgraded Neuropower solutions, making it easier to access advanced technology while optimizing their power infrastructure.

    Which products are eligible for trade-in under Neuropower Malaysia's program?

    The trade-in program generally covers a range of power products, including UPS systems and voltage stabilizers. Please check with Neuropower Malaysia's representatives for specific eligible products.

    How does the trade-in process work?

    The trade-in process involves evaluating the condition and specifications of your existing equipment. Neuropower Malaysia's experts will assess the value of your trade-in and offer credit toward the purchase of new Neuropower solutions.

    What are the benefits of participating in Neuropower Malaysia's trade-in program?

    Participating in the trade-in program allows you to upgrade to the latest, more efficient, and reliable power solutions. It helps you save on costs while ensuring your power infrastructure remains up-to-date.

    How can I get started with Neuropower Malaysia's trade-in program?

    To begin the trade-in process, contact Neuropower Malaysia's trade-in team. They will guide you through the evaluation, offer, and upgrading process, making it seamless to transition to new and improved power solutions.

    Does Neuropower Malaysia have any restrictions on the age of equipment eligible for trade-in?

    Yes, equipment that is more than 10 years old may not be eligible for the trade-in program. Neuropower Malaysia focuses on offering upgraded solutions with the latest technology and performance.

    Does Neuropower Malaysia provide disposal services for old equipment that doesn't qualify for trade-in?

    Neuropower Malaysia does not provide disposal services for equipment that doesn't qualify for trade-in. Customers are responsible for arranging the proper disposal of non-eligible items.

    Is the acceptance of trade-in items solely dependent on their weight, or are there other factors considered?

    While the weight of the trade-in item is a consideration, Neuropower Malaysia also evaluates the overall condition, functionality, and specifications of the equipment to determine trade-in eligibility.

    Are there any limitations on the type of equipment that can be traded in?

    The trade-in program generally applies to specific power-related equipment like UPS systems and voltage stabilizers. However, the eligibility of other types of equipment may vary. Please check with Neuropower Malaysia for clarification.

    Can I combine multiple trade-in items to meet the rating requirement for trade-in eligibility?

    Yes, in some cases, customers can combine multiple trade-in items to meet the rating requirement for trade-in eligibility. This can provide an opportunity to upgrade while optimizing old equipment.

    Are there additional benefits for returning customers who trade in a Neuropower Model for an upgrade?

    Yes, returning customers who trade in a Neuropower Model may receive enhanced trade-in value, reflecting Neuropower Malaysia's appreciation for their continued support and commitment to upgrading their power solutions.

    How does trading in a power product from another brand's model benefit my next purchase from Neuropower Malaysia?

    Trading in another brand's power product can qualify you for a discount on your next or immediate purchase of Neuropower's products. This incentive encourages customers to transition to Neuropower's advanced solutions while enjoying cost savings.

    How can I check the warranty status of my Neuropower product?

    To check your product's warranty status, you can visit Neuropower Malaysia's website and contact our support team at (1300-88-6772) / (012- 279 1500) / email us at enquiry@neuropower.com.my

    Where can I find technical support for my Neuropower product?

    For technical support, you can reach out to Neuropower Malaysia's dedicated support team via phone (012- 279 1500) or email us at enquiry@neuropower.com.my for us to assist you further!

    My Neuropower product is displaying an error code. Where can I find information about the error and how to troubleshoot it?

    You can refer to Neuropower Malaysia's user manual or contact our support team at (1300-88-6772) / (012- 279 1500) / email us at enquiry@neuropower.com.my

    My Neuropower product requires repairs. Where can I drop it off for servicing?

    Neuropower Malaysia has authorized service centers at designated locations. You can find the nearest service center on our website or contact our support team contact our support team at (1300-88-6772) / (012- 279 1500) / email us at enquiry@neuropower.com.my for assistance.

    Can I track the status of my Neuropower product repair?

    Fortunately, you don’t have to track your product repair status as our service level of agreement is determined to return a fully functional unit to your hands within 3 working days! Terms and conditions applied.

    What information do I need to provide when inquiring about my unit's repair status?

    To inquire about your unit's repair status, kindly have your product's serial number and the repair reference number (if applicable) ready for faster assistance.

    Is technical support available outside regular business hours?

    Yes, Neuropower Malaysia offers 24/7 technical support to address urgent issues and provide continuous assistance for critical situations. Terms and conditions applied.

    My Neuropower product is out of warranty. Can I still get technical support or repair services?

    Yes, even if your product is out of warranty, you can still access technical support and repair services from Neuropower Malaysia. We offer post-warranty support and repair options to meet your needs.

    How can I visit Neuropower Malaysia's Guest Experience Center?

    To visit Neuropower Malaysia's Guest Experience Center, you can schedule an appointment by contacting us at (1300-88-6772) / whatsapp us at (012-7846796) / email us at enquiry@neuropower.com.my or by submitting a request through our website.

    Is it possible to schedule a product introductory session with Neuropower Malaysia's experts?

    Yes, you can schedule a product introductory session with Neuropower Malaysia's experts to learn more about their power solutions and how they can benefit your business. Simply reach out to us at (1300-88-6772) / whatsapp us at (012-7846796) / email us at enquiry@neuropower.com.my or by submitting a request through our website.

    Where can I inquire about collaboration opportunities or sponsorships with Neuropower Malaysia for events or projects?

    For collaboration inquiries or sponsorships related to events or projects, you may drop us an enquiry via the contact us form or send an email to enquiry@neuropower.com.my!

    How can I stay updated with the latest news and events from Neuropower Malaysia?

    To stay informed about the most recent news and events, you can regularly check Neuropower Malaysia's official website or follow our social media channels for the latest updates.

    Does Neuropower Malaysia offer delivery services for the products or solutions purchased?

    Neuropower Malaysia offers free delivery services within Klang Valley for all products or solutions regardless of amount and quantity. Chargeable nationwide delivery services are offered as well!